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Help with Log Command

Hello !

I'm trying to use the Log Command but can't figure out how to turn it off. Even after I issue


The log file keeps on being updated :(

My goal is to put that LOG command on the top of a batch file (right before or after SETLOCAL) and then capture whatever happens during the batch processing. At the end of the job (BTM) I would SENDMAIL 2 MYSELF with this log info.

Very, very useful for nightly run routines. At the morning, I want to know if it was all processed and if it was not, what happened.

It would be nice to capture also the messages issued by external EXEs on the standard output. But that's another step. If only I could capture the whole BTM processing that would be nice !

Thanks in advance !


log /a /w alloutput.log  ( implicit "log on" )
log /a off
sendmail ...

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