Hidden files on USB Drive

Oct 20, 2014
Hello Dear Sirs here,

I am newbie here and sorry if i posting a wrong place.

I have such problems on my USB drive: I have a lot necessary files and documents on it and my trouble is that i connect it to another computers and after when i will connect it back to my own PC all files folders are hidden from it and there are .exe folders which AV is blocking to open. After i make them un hide from folder option. it needs a lot time to make them visible one by one, so my question is that can i make them unhiden by CMD or TakeCommand? And how?

Please give me your kind advises and supports. Thanks in advanced.
Advice #1: Don't plug anything into that computer until it has been cleaned!

You can remove the Hidden and System attributes from all files and folders on your flash drive with e.g.
attrib /s /d -sh u:\*

Assuming you don't keep any .EXE or .DLL files on that drive, you can also:
del /z /s u:\*.exe;*.dll

(Substitute the correct drive letter for U: in the above. The DEL above is TCC syntax -- you'd rewrite it as two commands for CMD.EXE. I think the ATTRIB should work as written in CMD, but haven't tested it.)
I used that :
attrib /s /d -sh u:\*

by takecommand and nothing all files same still hidden.

Thanks for advise and also first advise too. i will do so as u say.
Thank you sir. You were right i changed letter and it is ok. i tried it first by CMD and it sad Invalid switch -sh. Then i did it take command. thanks.

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