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Hide plugin names when loading?

Hi all.

I have my plugins in the plugins directory in the TCC install dir.
This is faster than loading them from a .BTM. But I'd like for the names not to be displayed as they load.

Example :

ConSearch v0.34.0 loaded; hotkey is Alt-F.
ISO8601 plugin v1.6.5 loaded.
Scrolly v0.99.11 loaded. Back: Ctrl-Alt-Up, forward: Ctrl-Alt-Down.
TextUtils v0.81.0 loaded.

... appears at the to of each window TCC opens.

I though there was a directive in TCMD.INI to prevent that but I can't find it.


Those messages are coming from the plugins themselves, TCC can’t suppress them. In the case of Charles Dye's plugins I think you can set an environment variable which will stop his plugins displaying the messages, take a look at the documentation for the ones you use. I don’t know if other plugin authors do the same.
The trick is setting the environment variable before TCC loads plugins. You can use the Advanced System Properties dialog, if you can remember how to get to it. Or you can
set /u /e NoLoadMsg=1

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