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Highlighted Text Color?

I'm a new TC user and I'm working through the initial environment setup issues.

Two things I'm a bit stuck on:

1) I've modified my TCC BG and FG colors. However, they are still of the dark BG and light FG ilk. When I attempt to highlight some of the text in the TCC session under TC, the selection does not invert the colors so that I can see what I'm selecting. Presumably this is configurable, but I've failed to find the how-to on this. Please help.

2) When using the config dialog to create a custom palette (either TC or TCC), I can set the color, and get it to persist, as verified in the tcmd.ini. The problem is, when I close and re-open TC, the colors displayed in the config dialogs revert back to the original 16 basic colors. The colors in the actual TCC session are still my custom colors (so tcmd.ini appears to be honored), but the config dialogs no longer reflect the updated palette. Bug?

BTW, I'm using TC v15.01.52 x64 on Win7x64


1) Problem seems to occur only when I use custom colors. If the default windows 16 are used, apparently there's a (presumably default) mapping for the text highlighting. Is there any way to set this in the tcmd.ini?

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