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On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 10:05:48 -0400, Matt <>

|TCCLE 12 B24 (XP SP3)
|Does /F for the HISTORY command work?

It appears to work here. I had several BEEP commands in my history
from testing the system sounds. After 'history /f"beep *"' they're
It's working here, both local and global history lists, and both the plain /F and the /F"text" syntax.

Are you having a problem?

Strange. I've installed it on two different desktops and one laptop and on all three 'history /f' does not clear the list. It works fine with TCCLE 11. I've tried verison 12 with my TCCLE 11 ini file and with "no" ini file but cannot get 'history /f' to clear the history list. I'll keep poking around.

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