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How do I fix file association?


Scott Mintz
I have something weird going on with my Win10 PC.
$ assoc .pdf

$ ftype AcroExch.Document.DC
AcroExch.Document.DC="C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" "%1"

$ C:\Users\mintz\Desktop\Using_SQLite.pdf
TCC: (Sys) C:\Users\mintz\Desktop\Using_SQLite.pdf is not a valid Win32 application.

$ start C:\Users\mintz\Desktop\Using_SQLite.pdf
TCC: (Sys) No application is associated with the specified file for this operation.

How do I fix this?
Does it work if you double-click the file in Explorer?

Is this, perchance, Windows 10?
I figured it out. You have to go to Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Choose default apps by file type.

Then I was able to set the default to Adobe Reader DC. After I did that, the Change button shows up when you right-click a PDF file and select Properties. Before, there was no Change button.

Yes to the Win10 question.
I don't have Win 10 (yet) - do the cmd.exe versions of these commands work, or did Win 10 break them too?

It's bad enough if assoc and ftype don't let you change things, but what good are they at all if they don't even tell you the truth?

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