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How do I get Build 20?

It does not seem to be on the Web site. What is there is marked Build 18, but is actually Build 19. If I try via the Option command it tells me that it is downloading build 20 but when I try to install I get the Fix, Change, Remove menu. I currently have Build 19 installed.

I too have the same issue.
If I try to update through TCC's option command, or downloading the whole package (build 20) I get the three options: features, repair or remove.
I believe to remember that in the past You said it is a requirement for windows certification, and that to install the new build I have to remove the old one.
But with previous builds of TC 18 it did not happen.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Online 32 bit version is build 20, the 64 bit version build 19
You are right!
I downloaded and checked the build of 32 bit file, but then I downloaded and tried to use the 64 bit version, without checking it too, so I did not notice that it is build 19.
So I will simply wait that the build 20 is available also for 64 bit.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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