How do I get more than 64 lines on my screen

The maximum console window size is set by Windows's console handler. One factor is the size of the console font; reducing the font size may help.
Charles is correct. MODE.EXE actually affects the console screen buffer but will also increase/decrease the window size, increasing it only up to what will fit on the current monitor. Apparently. WINDOW POS has the same limitation (WINDOW SIZE affects the console screen buffer). Likewise, you can't get a window bigger that the monitor by dragging the window's edge.

I imagine that "MODE CON: Lines=<large number>" will give the largest possible number of lines for a given font (and a lot more lines in the buffer).
Charles & Vince, Thanks for your input..
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding Take Command & TCC . I have a very old version of TCC & TC. and recently updated my
Win 7 to Win 11. I've accepted the 65 lines (I miscounted the first time) but estimate I could have ~80 with my existing
I obviously don't know enough of either Windows or Take Command. I thought my TC window being so much larger than the restricted 65 lines, that TC would control the line count. The TC instructions make WINDOW or ACTIVATE appear to be TC control of window size,

I didn't think you were talking about TakeCommand. I can't test versions before v24, but recall that if you just resize TakeCommand with the mouse (and/or move it) the new size (and location) will automatically be remembered and reused. And just like a console, I don't think you can make it bigger than one monitor can handle.