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How do I see Windows 10's ANSI in action?

I set ANSI=No and ANSIWin10=Yes and restarted TCC. I didn't see my colored prompt (I saw ANSI gibberish). I have a colored prompt in CMD. How do I get Windows 10 ANSI?
IIRC, the ANSIWin10 setting is only used by TCMD to know whether to inject the ANSI64/ANSI32 DLL. The regular ANSI setting is used to turn ANSI on or off.

I believe TCC automatically uses Win10 ANSI when ANSI is enabled. I can't remember if Rex fixed the issue I was seeing during the alphas/betas. Or if it came down to having the settings correct.

I do know that if TCMD is started with the Win10 feature off, it will load the DLL. And even if you subsequently check that box, it does not get unloaded until you restart TCMD.

On my Win10 PC, I have ANSI=Yes and ANSIWin10=Yes, in both 4NT and TakeCommand sections of the INI file. And ANSI works correctly for me.
Hmmm! All I can find in the help is this.
ANSIWin10=YES | no : If set to NO, TCC will use its internal ANSI instead of the Windows 10 console ANSI support.

I think I get it now. To see colors in stand-alone TCCs you must have ANSI=Yes. Who provides the colors (TCC/Windows) depends on ANSIWin10.

I stumbled on one thing that misbehaved with ANSIWin10=No. I was playing with wsl (see discussion in another forum). I wondered if you get a wsl for every running linux program (answer apparently no). so in bash I issued something like

/mnt/c/apps/tc23/tcc.exe /c tl \| grepp /i wsl

GREPP is a TCCC plugin, but "tl" (tasklist wrapper) uses "wsl egrep" and "wsl sort". With ANSIWin10=No, when I got back to the bash prompt, I saw this (and I got a sound).


The same experiment from a TCC started with ANSIWin10=Yes gave no sound and ended up looking a little better.


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