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How to? How to access iPhone from tcmd.exe?

Is it possible to access iPhone somehow from tcmd.exe? Just for basic tasks such as dir and copy, not writing as that's not allowed. Apple iPhone is visible as a Portable Device under Computer, but not found with "wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, volumename, description".

If it is impossible to access iPhone from tcmd.exe, is there a workaround for my main problem: I want to quickly get the directory listing for the newest files under Apple Iphone / Internal Storage / DCIM. That folder contains my phone photos taken by me. However, the photos are under cryptic folders such as "805HJCQZ" etc. and all the folders have the same date so I have no idea where my newest photos are. There seems to be no way to transfer only selected newest photos, so I need a way to find the files with newest creation date under all subdirectories in the location mentioned.
You can use COPY/SX to copy files (your photos) from multiple directories (on your iPhone) to a single directory on your computer. You will then not depend any more on the cryptic and changing folder names from the iPhone. (Obviously the files/photos need to keep distinct names.)
You can then combine with the COPY/O option (if the names of the files/photos proper do not change), or the COPY/U option (if the timestamps of the files/photos proper do not change), or also the COPY/[D…] date-range option (again if the timestamps of the files/photos proper do not change).

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