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How to affect which Tcl interpreter is loaded

Th v23 help explains that (if enabled) "TCC will automatically load a Tcl interpreter when it starts." I have not found any clue as how TCC locates that interpreter. Due to the way in which an application I use implements its own scripting support, I sometimes need to use the Tcl interpreter that it provides, and sometimes need to use the more modern Tcl interpreter available from ActiveState. Hence, my question:

How can a .btm script control which (of potentially several) Tcl interpreters is loaded for execution of Tcl fragments and scripts?

BTW, I tried to find a post on this, but was stymied by the forum search facility's rejection of 'Tcl' as a search term. (It's too short.)
Thanks, Rex, for that info. That solves the problem of controlling this for a new TCC process (or one known to have never used the TCL functionality.)

Does passing an empty string into the @TCL[] function repeat that process? The help says this resets the interpreter, which could be comprehensively effected by unloading the DLL then reloading it.
You don't have to waste %PATH% with DLL locations.
reg:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths"