How to change window title tcmd window - not tcc window

Sep 15, 2008
TCC 18.00.32 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]


how can I change the title of tcmd window.
In my version it shows always:
"Administartor: TC 18.0 - (NAME_OF_TAB)"

Cause of having multiple tcmd windows - I want to identify the window !!!
in example:

"STG - Administartor: TC 18.0 - (NAME_OF_TAB)"
"SELO - Administartor: TC 18.0 - (NAME_OF_TAB)"

Ho wcan I change this.


Heiko Elger
Try using the Title command or setting the TITLEPROMPT variable.

You may need to experiment with various values to get what you want.

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