How to clean from the broken updating?

The installation of the previous TC version had retained a record shown in the application list of the Windows control panel (there were 2 records in the list: TC 14 and TC 15, though TC 14 had been replaced with TC 15). When I tried to select it, the TC 14, to uninstall, the last installed version (TC 15) had been uninstalled, the TC 14 record had been removed from the applications list, the TC 15 leaved there, and now when I try to install the last version, the installer does not work properely: message: "Нет доступа к службе установки Windows" ["No access to the Windows' installation service" or similar]. Trying to select the TC 15 to uninstall it yields to the same message.

I suspect the unnstall had not finished its cleaning properly, but how to nstall the new verrsion of the TC now?
I had tried all the recomendations from the article yesterday. They had not help.

The file attached contains my system configuration as reported by GetSystemInfo.exe v 5. Maybe it helps you to say me something more specific?


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