how to control window size?

May 9, 2013
by which I mean - I changed the font for my TCC windows using the TCC Options menu to a smaller font, but the # columns and rows didn't change in my TCC tabs. Rather, there's just extra black space beyond the end of the 128 columns.

I had assumed that it would recalculate the # columns based on the font... but no? What is the magical sauce needed to say "hey - fit as many columns as you can"?
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
I cannot find in the dialog invoked by the OPTION command of TCC anything affects font size. OTOH clicking on the upper left corner of any console window (CMD, TCC, etc.) and selecting Properties opens a Microsoft Windows menu controlling console properties. I strongly suspect this Windows menu is your issue, under exclusive control of Microsoft.

Vince Fatica's 4console plug in has most of the controls you desire. I would request Vince (in general he is very accomodating of such requests) to extend its font logic.
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Steve's right. TCC's OPTION does not handle changing the console font. 4CONSOLE has SETFONT (which doesn't deal with Unicode fonts) and a couple of functions to query (non-Unicode) font info. I'm not likely to add support for Unicode fonts (if that's possible) any time soon.

TCMD tabs (which are not consoles) are a whole different story. What you see there is controlled by the TCMD options dialog.
May 9, 2013
Sorry, I was unclear. :(
I meant the tabbed interface - when I change the font in the tabbed interface the font does change for my current tab (only one open), but the number of columns and rows remains "stuck." I would have expected them to change, but I've since restarted Take Command, with a new tab, and the discrepancy remained.
This was TC 15.01 (not the latest build). I've since updated, and maybe it's fixed now. Sorry for the confusion and lack of due dilligence on my part. :P
May 9, 2013
Here's a sample copy of a script - you can see that it is always line-broken at 128 columns: (this output is part of a copy command, so not even a "caveman" app or external command at all, an internal BTM command)

C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M10MACRO.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M10MAKE.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M10VARS.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11GET1.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11GET2.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11GET3.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11MACRO.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11MAKE.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11SLV1.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11SLV2.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11SLV3.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11STYL1.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M11VARS.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12GET1.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12GET2.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12MACRO.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12MAKE.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12SLEEV.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M12VARS.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M13GET1.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M13MACRO.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M13MAKE.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M13SLEEV.CIM => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\I
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\M13VARS.MAC => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
C:\Data\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\INSRTMIS\m14get1.cim => \\File-Server\Sales and Support\CTE\15.1\CimPACK\Designer\Stan\IN
May 9, 2013
Further clarification: This is in TC 15.01 - not TCC - so this is a tab window within TC. TC claims to be up to date. This is a licensed copy.

I don't understand where the 128 column limit comes from, or how to change it....


Staff member
May 14, 2008
The maximum TCMD tab window size is based on the maximum console window size, which is determined by Windows based on the default console font size.

Start a console window, click on the start menu icon (upper left corner), Properties, and Font tab. Select a smaller font, save, and restart TCMD and you'll have bigger (virtual) windows.
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