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How to describe this one? :-S

It basically is an alias that reuses the row where the command was entered to display the result of this alias in highlighting colours.
(Doesn't make it much better, does it? :-)

Pictures then ("bereken" is Dutch for "calculate"):

2017-01-31 19_08_58-TCC.png

alias BEREKEN=`scrput %@eval[%_row - 1] %@eval[%@index[*%@readscr[ %@eval[%_row-1], 0, %@eval[%_columns-1] ],%$] -1] bla on white %$ = %@eval[%$]`

It finds out with an @INDEX function where the original "formula" was placed and uses SCRPUT to place formula and corresponding answer on that exact same spot in highlighting colours. (black on white in this example)

It's all about the used techniques. the @EVAL function is just an example.
Also works in TCC/LE (well .. pi isn't supported by @EVAL in TCC/LE)

If you have a better title for this, please don't hesitate ....