How to Determine INI File Used by TCMD

Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
In another thread, it was pointed out to me that the variable _ininame reports the path of the INI file used by the instance of TCC in which it is used. Is there a way to query the path of the INI file used by TCMD? I know that I can invoke the Options tab in TCMD and see the path in the top border of the options window, but I'm wondering if there is some way to get the information programmatically. (And I do realize that there could be multiple copies of TCMD running. Could there be an option to display it in the top window border of TCMD itself (instead of the default directory of the currently selected tab). Or perhaps a variable that could be accessed by a parameter expression within the TCMD toolbar.

This is obviously not a really important issue. Now that I have finally gotten the issue of INI files under control (by putting TCMD.INI in the program directory where tcmd.exe and tcc.exe reside), I don't have to check so often.

-- Jay
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
It'd require hacking another class. Do you actually think it would be useful in Help/About? (Versus Option / Configure TCMD?)
It doesn't really matter. Opening the options dialog just to look at its title bar seems a little clumsy. Maybe someday TakeCommandIPC will be able to get it.
This is obviously not a really important issue. Now that I have finally gotten the issue of INI files under control (by putting TCMD.INI in the program directory where tcmd.exe and tcc.exe reside), I don't have to check so often.

Wow. Thanks.

My work machine was just upgraded to Win7 from XP, and I was experiencing a somewhat mind-bending problem: TCMD keystroke alias behaviour was different than in TCC. I map <Ctrl-D> to be the exit key to close a window. Prior to the upgrade, it work in TCC and TCMD both. After the upgrade, it worked in TCC, but not TCMD. Yet "everything else was the same".

A check of %_ININAME% showed that TCC was loading "D:\AppData\Take Command\tcmd.ini", as expected, but TCMD was D:\Users\myuserid\AppData\Local\JPSoft\tcmd.ini. I think that oh so many years ago when my XP machine was set up, I made that "JPSoft" directory a junction to D:\AppData\Take Command, so they both used the same ini file. It's been so long since I did it, I forgot all about it. In any event, all is good now. Thanks for the (indirect) help in solving that.
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