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How to? How to enable UTF-8 output in tcmd.ini

Tcmd.ini allows for an option "UnicodeOutput=Yes", to set redirection from the command line to be written as unicode (from what I can see, the output is saved as UTF-16 Little Endian). I understand that there is also a theoretical option to save the output as UTF-8, but I do not see how to set that option within tcmd.ini. Is it possible to do so?
I don't believe there is such an option, but I'll bet it would take Rex about two minutes to implement if there was sufficient interest in the feedback forum.
There's actually a couple of ways to do this; one in the current build and another in a test build that will be uploaded in another day or two.

The current solution is to choose a UTF-8 codepage -- TCC will then automatically convert the internal Unicode to UTF-8 when redirecting output.

The second solution (currently in beta with some other users who only want UTF-8 output sometimes) is with the TCC /U8 startup option (or "OPTION //UTF8Output=Yes" from the TCC command line).

Neither approach is currently documented, as they were deemed too obscure and too experimental for 99.99% of the users. They will be documented when the beta version is released (hopefully by the end of this week).
Hi Rex,
When you say to choose a UTF-8 code page, I gather (from other forum postings) that you mean to run the command "chcp 65001".
However, I find that this code page does not operate properly at all. I have a bunch of files with Hebrew filenames, which display correctly with my standard code page (862), as well as with the Windows Hebrew code page (1255). However, when I shift into 65001, Hebrew characters are no longer displayed at all; instead, I just receive blank spaces and black lines when performing a "dir".
Is this is an internal problem, or do you think it is a font problem?
The UTF-8 code page option in TCC only affects redirected file output; it doesn't have anything to do with normal text display in the console.

Are you running TCC in a Take Command tab window, or in a stand-alone Windows console? If it doesn't display properly in a stand-alone Windows console, it's a Windows problem. If it displays in the Windows console but not in a Take Command tab window, it's either a Take Command problem or it's because you're using different fonts in the console and in Take Command.

(Windows has very limited UTF-8 support; it may be that they just don't support your environment.)
Hi Rex,
I'm using it in the TC tab window, and that's where I see the problem.
In contrast, in a standalone TCC window, running "chcp 65001" has no negative effect, and I can still see my Hebrew filenames.
Both windows are using the "CourierNew" font.
However, I notice that in the standalone TCC window, even after I run "chcp 65001", redirection of a directory listing results in a UTF-16 file, not a UTF-8 file.
- Avi
Hi Rex,
Yes, you solved it, that was it - I had UnicodeOutput set to Yes in my .ini file. Now that I changed that, I can successfully switch to "chcp 65001" and redirect as UTF-8. I didn't realize that the UnicodeOutput option overrode the code page selection.
We still have the issue of the non-appearing letters in the tab view when in code page 65001, but it's not at all a critical item, since I can always use the standalone terminal. So I think we can close this issue for now.

Not reproducible here. Are you sure you didn't have UnicodeOutput (/U startup option) active? TCC will look for that before it looks for a Unicode codepage.

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