How to? How to import settings from previous installation

Feb 23, 2012
When upgrading to a new version of TCC, how does one import settings and configuration from the previous installation?

(In my case, I'm upgrading from v22 to v24)
Here is what I do.

When upgrading, I do not un-install the previous version.

From the v22 command prompt;
c:\users\jlc\utils>echo %_ininame
C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD22\TCMD.INI

Note the location of the TCMD.INI file for v22. After I install v24, from the v24 command prompt;
c:\users\jlc\utils>echo %_ininame
C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD24\TCMD.INI

Make a backup of the TCMD.INI from the newly installed v24.

Copy the v22 TCMD.INI to the v24 TCMD.INI

Now, if you have any problems between the two TCMD.INI files, you have a backup of the v24 TCMD.INI file to work with.

Note that v24 has TCEDIT;
c:\users\jlc\utils>tcedit /?
Edit text, INI, and script files

TCEDIT [/C /EXIT /INI /START] filename ...

...which allows you to edit your TCMD.INI by using;
tcedit /ini

Aug 23, 2010
Just keep your .ini file in user directory.
Sadly, it's not roamed, so you would still have to manually move it between your machines.
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