How to link a directory from c: to d:

Jul 18, 2009
I have added an extra data partition to Windows XP
and would like to have an alias from
c:\Documents and Settings\My Documents
d:\Documents and Settings\My Documents

Apparently many programs do not accurately place files
in my new d:\Documents and Settings\My Documents
so I would like to have any program trying to put files in
c:\Documents and Settings\My Documents to have them
automatically transfered to d:.

The reason for this is I'm getting a SSD drive for C: and I want to avoid
programs writing to the C:\ drive.

I use this in Linux to transfer programs in /home/bin
to /usr/local/bin by a soft link to /usr/local/bin and it works perfectly
and also protects my bin files from loss in case of problems with the root partition.

Although I used to use 4NT it's been a long time and I could use some help
in the proper syntax.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jun 2, 2008
The reason for this is I'm getting a SSD drive for C: and I want to avoid programs writing to the C:\ drive.
This is not a solution but more like adding to your problem :-/

You also need to handle the following system environment variables:


and possibly:


where username is your user name.

I could use some help
in the proper syntax
If I was at home I'd be able to give you something more akin to what you're trying to do, because I've just been through the pain of getting Windows 7 to accept the fact that the Users structure should be on the D partition not the C, but from my work laptop the closest I can offer is:

mklink /j c:\temp d:\temp\

which created a new C:\temp junction pointing to the existing D:\temp\, so I guess something like:

mklink /j "c:\Documents and Settings\larry\My Documents" "d:\Documents and Settings\larry\My Documents"

would do the trick. I've not found any reason to use a symbolic link rather than a junction in this instance, but if you remove the /j switch then a symbolic link would be created.
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
Right click on your My Documents folder and change the "Target folder location". This will tell XP that you want "My Documents" elsewhere.
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