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How to make list of drive contents when shutdown PC / Everything.exe

I'd like to make a list of the drive contents when shutting down the PC and not sure how to do this Should be all attached local drives. And in /o:gen order. Thought maybe everything.exe might be of use here ?
What kind of "list of contents" are we talking about, here? When you say "when shutting down the PC" do you mean you are shutting it down yourself or is the machine being shut-down by external parties (like automated remote shutdown in large organizations)? Without further information, and assuming you are asking for a file-listing the folowing thoughts com to mind:
- it is easy to run a batch triggered by the windows LogOff- or ShutDown event, but any process started must end quickly or run the risk of being prematurely killed by the OS.
- In most cases I've come accross it is possible to gather the data in a normal process and let it - your own program, when it's all finished - shut down the machine for you. That way there's no time pressure.
- If it's file listings you want it can be done with both everything's db and jpstree.idx but,.. why?
I have MS and accidentally dropped an external backup drive so I was wanting a listing similar to what the following would provide:

prompt> pdir /a: /o:gen /s /(dy/m/d th:m:sd zc fpn) %@replace[ ,\* ,%_drives]

c: d: e: becomes c:\* d:\* e:\*
Windows itself lauches a batch you can hitch- hike a ride on.
Change the group policy and provide a batch file that windows calls for you.
Again, you must be quick with whatever you plan to do there.
I accidentally dropped an external backup drive ...

If the drive is broken, no listing can be made, obviously.
If not, you can make it at your leisure.
You have yet to explain why this should be done during shutdown.
Please provide a clear description of the problem you want to solve.
Reason why I would like to make a filelist for all attached drives at shutdown is that I would likely change the contents of the drive/s when I use them. Could be browser cache, programming files are changed, etc.
That doesn't answer the question of why do you need it.
Also, if the process you start that way takes more than a few seconds, it will likely be killed by the shutdown sequence.

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