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How to Purchase a Multi-System License for TCC?

I am afraid I could not really figure out how to purchase a Multi-System License and if it's the right license for me. I need to install TCC on 2-3 Computers for my personal use: Laptop (VM), Home Office and Work - and I assume I go best with a Multi-System License!?

I ask myself:
1. What's the price? Is it $68.00 or 3x $68.00 (Then again it's the same price like the single system license which wouldn't make sense to me)
2. How do I purchase (actually what's the process)

Thank you in advance for your help! :-)
- Daniel
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A single-system license ($79.95 for new copies) allows you to install Take Command on up to three systems (such as office, home, & laptop) provided they're used by the same user and not in use at the same time other than for synchronization.

You can order through our web store at:


Thanks a lot for your quick reply! I couldn't figure this out from the licensing-information. Maybe I missed it somehow or it's not that obvious as I expected. Anyway - I'm going to purchase it now. Thank you again for your help!

- Daniel

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