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How to? How to set a default TITLE for newly opened tab?

Once a new tab instance is opened in Take Command I can set the tab's title using the TITLE command.

I'd like to have a new tab's title default to "$p" so that the current directory for a tab is displayed instead of the default "TCC Prompt" title. I would have thought that there would be a way to do that in one of the Options dialogs, but I'm not seeing it.

What's the best way to do that?

I'm running Take Command 18.00.32 in case something newer solves this.
Thanks - I actually end up figuring out that a tcstart.btm file with a "title /p $W" command (and configuring the location for it in the TCC Startup options) did the trick.

So now I have a follow on question. The path shown in the title is limited to around 20 characters. So, for example, "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD18_x64" will be shown as "C:\...\TCMD18_x64". Is there a way that character limit can be increased?

As an example, bash gives a small amount of control with the PROMPT_DIRTRIM variable that lets you set the number of trailing directory names to keep after trimming.

It's not the end of the world if it can't be manipulated, but it would be nice to show a bit more of the path.
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