How to? How to show variables expanded in the log tab

Mar 1, 2015
When I use the Debugger all variables (Example: %docandset%) are not expanded in the command log tab. How can I get them to expand?

Thank you,

Mar 1, 2015
I guess I am not calling it the correct name.
I have one window open with my bat file in debug mode.
Before I opened the debug window the main TC window was open. In that window I selected Tools, Edit Debug to open the debug window.
In the main TC window when I started the debug a tab opened up which shows the logging of my bat file.
What do you call that logging window?


May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
The only thing you should see in that window is the output of your bat file. So, for example, if your bat file says "ECHO %docandset%", you should see the (expanded) value of that variable.

P.S., I guess a good name for it is the "output window".
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