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How to unlock a directory

A program that has been working for years (provides a front-end for CVS) is giving me the following error message:

cvs.exe log: [15:30:29] waiting for Michael's lock in d:\Projects\Repository/Engraving/EngravingEXE

"EngravingEXE" is a directory not a file.

I have tried using the FILELOCK command with the directory as an argument - complains that this is not a filename. I also tried it on the files in the directory that I have been operating on. FILELOCK displays nothing. Apparently the directory somehow became locked (or maybe one of the higher directories did).

Is there any way to unlock the directory?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Bate

My apologies for posting here. I looked at the CVS documentation and found that CVS can leave a directory in a locked state if it crashes during an operation. The doc told how to fix it (by erasing a lock file).
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