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I can NOT get the config(s) right

I am not at ALL sure how, but I came back to this issue minutes ago, and now all the logins are displaying TCMD correctly.

Wish I knew how so I could repeat the process if need be, but I'll take solutions in any form they arrive in!

Out of frustration, I went back to a saved Windows 10 backup for which no TCMD had been installed. Before doing that, I search all drives for any TCMD / JPSoft files, and moved them to a flash.

After the restoration, I double checked that there was no install present. Then I installed TCMD v18.

After doing that, I signed in as one user and just set the font and font color for both TCMD and TCC.

Then I logged out, and logged in as another user. The TCMD settings appear the same, but the TCC settings were and are not. Instead of bright white letters on blue, I have gray on black.

Aside from how I can set this up and then save it in case I need to restore it, how in the heck do I just manage to have one set of settings for all four users on this machine. I only have the one TCMD.ini file in "C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command x64 18.0\TCMD.INI", so why can't I get this to work?

Do I need to move the INI file, copy it, or what???

Chuck Billow
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I would do this in TCSTART.BTM, not an .INI file: CLS /C BRIGHT WHITE ON BLUE or whatever. Put TCSTART.BTM in the same directory with TCC.EXE if you want it to apply to all users.

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