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I'd *always* like the "Preview" option

When replying to posts, I don't have the "Preview" option. Can I make it the (my) default?
"Preview" is buried under the "other options..." button. But I second your request.
Yes, I know. You have to press a button to go from "PostReply/UploadAFile/MoreOptions" to "ReplyToThread/UploadAFile/Preview". Why hide them in the first place?
I wanna directly access it and second your request, too.
And I would like more work area and less dead screen real estate. In the latest Firefox only about 20% of the 1280x1024 screen is usable; the ratio is a bit better at lower screen resolution. Particularly galling is the area wasted on both sides of the work area displaying nothing but its frame.

Of course, Rex' expected response is "That's a XenForo issue". But the users did not select XenForo... and are not its customers that XenForo would pay attention to them.
I just found the same discussion about the preview button in the xenforo forum here.
And there seems to exist a solution for it here.
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