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Logging in and "DIR ftp:" work, but after that, things get a little flaky. The server is Linux.
v:\> iftp /v sftp://vefatica:********@barnyard.syr.edu

v:\> dir ftp:

 Directory of  ftp://barnyard.syr.edu/home/vefatica/*

2014-11-07  00:00         <DIR>    .
2016-09-10  18:33         <DIR>    ..
2012-02-12  00:00         <DIR>    .cache
2006-06-09  00:00         <DIR>    .config

v:\> iftp /s help
TCC: [11001] Host not found "help"

v:\> dir ftp:
TCC: [11001] Host not found "help"
You told your FTP host to execute a random command, and you think this is a TCC bug?
"Help" is not a random command. I wouldn't be surprised if all FTP servers implement it. Here's the output with plain FTP on another server
v:\> iftp /s help
214-The following commands are recognized (* => unimplemented).
    OPTS    CLNT    CSID    NOOP    HELP    FEAT    HOST    USER    PASS
    REIN    QUIT    ACCT*   SMNT*   SITE    ABOR    SYST    STAT    AUTH
    PBSZ    PROT    CCC     SSCN    CWD     XCWD    CDUP    XCUP    PWD
    XPWD    MKD     XMKD    RMD     XRMD    RMDA    DSIZ    AVBL    PORT
    EPRT    PASV    EPSV    TYPE    STRU    MODE    RETR    STOR    APPE
    STOU    THMB    ALLO    REST    SIZE    RNFR    RNTO    DELE    XDEL
    MDTM    MFMT    MFCT    MFF     XCRC    XMD5    XSHA1   XSHA256 XSHA512
    COMB    LIST    NLST    MLST    MLSD
214 End

Had I given a non-implemented command, I'd expect this (again, plain FTP on another server).
v:\> iftp /s foobar
500 'FOOBAR': command not understood.
TCC: FTP protocol error: 500 'FOOBAR': command not understood. "foobar"

And TCC's response ("Host not found") seems inappropriate. And the session is apparently hosed after that.
A little googling suggests that SFTP doesn't support QUOTE. If that's so, then TCC shouldn't let me use "IFTP /S" in an SFTP session, or, at least, shouldn't let me use it and corrupt the session as a result.
The error is prefixed with "TCC" and contains a Winsock error code (albeit, an inappropriate one). I really doubt the server sent any of
TCC: [11001] Host not found "help"

You said:
IFTP /S is a chainsaw. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, you'll cut off your foot. And that's as it should be.

QUOTE is a pretty normal part of the FTP protocol. I'd hardly call it dangerous. And it doesn't seem to be part of SFTP. It would seem that something along the lines of "Command not found" is appropriate when the user attempts "IFTP /S" on an SFTP connection. If QUOTE is not part of SFTP, TCC/IPWorks shouldn't be sending it.

I don't care if you change the behavior or not. I thought you like to hear about unexpected behavior and have an opportunity to make TCC more user-friendly.

I also wonder if "/V" means anything on an SFTP connection.
The "TCC" is just there to let you know who *displayed* (not generated) the error message. The error is being returned from your FTP server, your doubts notwithstanding.
It's a Unix server. I doubt it's sending "11001".

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