Incompatibility with cmd.exe dir command

Jul 20, 2014
I'm using TCC/LE x64 13.06.

When I run the following command in a normal cmd.exe window, I get a list of just the paths that end with a directory called ".hg":

dir /s /b /a:d .hg

When I run it on TCC/LE however, I get a list of all additional subdirectories within the .hg directories too. Is this a known incompatibility? Is there a command I can use that gives me the same output as cmd.exe does (i.e. without the additional subdirectories), and is compatible with both shells?

Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
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If your filename does not contain any wildcards, and if it exactly matches the name of a subdirectory, then DIR assumes you want to list that subdirectory's contents and not the name of the subdirectory itself. As far as I know this is deliberate behavior, but only Rex would know for sure.

You can construct a wildspec which will only match subdirectories named .HG easily enough:

DIR /S /B /A:D .H[G]

No, this syntax is not compatible with Microsoft's shell.

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