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I have been using the batch debugger more lately and have a few suggestions:

  1. Suggest making the BDEBugger searches circular. Maybe a setup option.
  2. In the BDEBugger make the bookmarks sticky between sessions. Perhaps saved with breakpoints .bp or .watch files; loaded with the file being debugged. Bookmarks should be circular also.
  3. Retain bookmarks during debugger runs.
  4. For the BDEBugger automatically load the .watch and .bp files when the debugger is invoked from the command line. ie. bdebbuger test.btm would automatically load any test.btm.watch & test.btm.bp.
  5. Have the BDEBugger search the path for batch files entered at the command line without full pathnames.
  6. Automatically set the default directory for loading .watch & .bp files to the path of the batch file being debugged vs where the debugger was started. Tricky since the batch file working directory needs to be where the file was started.
  7. Allow the disabling of break points before, during, and after starting the debug. It should also be possible to disable all the break points and then enable one or more. A run to line # would also be helpful.

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