Fixed INKEY without a W in /W####

Jun 16, 2008
Yesterday I think I discovered a bug in the INKEY command. I accidentally missed off the W in the timing switch and wrote INKEY /7200... instead of INKEY /W7200 and the TCC console (running as a job) hung on that command with 100% CPU usage of one processor.
I would have hoped that the parser raised an error. The full command I used was ....

INKEY /W7200 /K"[Enter][Esc]" This page will disappear in 2 hours... %%key

I'm currently using Take Command 23.00.19 x64 on Windows 7.
Jun 16, 2008
Thanks, unfortunately, the updater reports that the latest V23 is 23.0.29. Is 23.0.30 to be release soon or is there another issue?
Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA
@rconn 4h30m is definately not bad at all for fixing a bug related to the OP missing a letter. wow. Such great customer support!
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