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install fail

I went to install the 2018-03-13 version of TakeCommand to fix the expired problem. BUT it says there is an install already in progress and refused to install. Is there some way to clear this non-existent previous install? Windows is failing to install updates. Perhaps that is related.
Rex, I have the same problem. I have tried killing the process in task manager and trying it again. The installer hangs during the "searching for previous installations" phase.
I was imprecise in my reply. It says searching for installed applications.

I an doing an update ... should I uninstall?

I've attached a screenshot.


  • TC Installation.jpg
    TC Installation.jpg
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This has been happening to me as well, when I had TCC-RT installer interrupted for one or another reason.
It could hang on next install, or offer a new install instead of an upgrade.
After last cleanup/uninstall and a fresh new install, all seems well so far.
Are you doing an update or did you uninstall the previous TCMD installation first?
My usual tcc stopped working because of the date problem. I found I could limp by using only icons for BTM files on the deskop.
I tried reinstalling on top of the existing Take Command. That's when I get the message about an install already in progress.

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