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How to? Install from same installer copy after cancelling previously

I downloaded the 15.01.50 installers (32b and 64b). The 64b stopped before 6MB, I deleted it. The 32b came through correctly. I started to install it (by executing the installer tcmd.exe from the last V15 build on the same computer, but cancelled it when I realized I started it unelevated. Several times I tried again. After going through the option screens and selecting "Install", each time "Are you sure you want to cancel Take command 15.01 installation" popped up. Responding "yes" immediately cancelled the installation; "no" restarted the installer at the "Read the JP Software License Terms" page, and eventually arrived at the "cancel" popup, where I am stuck.
It's a BUG - just downloaded 64b version, same installer issue. I suspect the cancelled installation left either a file or a registry setting shared betwee 32b and 64b versions in the wrong state. BTW, my report above is wrong - after "NO" the installer's welcome page shows up; it is still a loop from which only the "yes" cancellation answer exits.
I may have; I am working on two systems in different rooms alternately. I am struggling with switching my software organization between systems with different disk volume sets, with different shape screens, with 32b vs. 64b; XP vs. 7, new email client - lots of things to learn. I sure prefer XP's "classic" layout to Win7... and all that software which requires pulling down two or 3 levels of menus, and to change 3 items on the 3rd level you need to open all 3 levels 3 times. What a waste of effort to eliminate a single line of code!
Steve, I started to post a message (a reply, really) in the Open Forum a week or two ago with you in mind but then decided against it. However, after reading your latest entry in this thread, I decided to go ahead and post it. You'll find it pretty easily over there.

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