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Done Installer/Updater improvements

Hi - we use TCC-RT across a number of machines (>20) and managing the TCC-RT installation on each machine is problematic. We use TCMD on a smaller number of machines but it has similar problems. I'd buy and deploy the IDE/Batch Debugger tool for more machines if it was easy to deploy/manage...

For TCC-RT I just want to install it to a custom folder with custom configuration and aliases that will apply to all users on a PC and for TCC-RT to always be updated.

We'd like something similar for TCMD and the Batch Debugger, but that would only be installed for licensed users...and this needs to be able to apply to product key license.

The installation processes need to work if the products are already installed or not...specifically we can't use a TCC script to run the installer as nothing might be installed...AND they need to be able to handle upgrades from one version to another...ie v21 to v22 etc.

So far we've cobbled together some manual scripts, that will do some of this, but there are a number of issues:
  • It doesn't upgrade from one version to another - please can previous versions be uninstalled first or replaced?
  • We have to manually copy the config files and aliases etc...please can the installation be configured to automatically copy these files from the installer file folder if they exist
  • The updater.exe app for both products does not do a fully silent update - it prompts for license agreement acceptance
  • We've not discovered any way to script the license activation for licensed users - could something be implemented for this?
Better still, could all the products be made completely portable so that all the files (incl executables, updater, config files and aliases) be in one folder that can be copied from machine to machine and just run from that folder without any specific installation process...? We could then manage the application of licenses as required by individual users via a script...
TCC-RT is capable of fully silent install, as far as I recall.
The problem with upgrade is a little bit more uncertain. There were reports of it failing, but most comvincing common point was that it is caused by an earlier installation failure. (Unless you mean upgrade to a next major version, which is an intended behavior.)