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Installer woes

At the end of updating to build 12, the setup window came to the front but it was dead ... any action in it just made a sound. I brought the "Installing updates" window (with the progress indicator still going) to the fore; it was dead too. I killed tcmd.exe; updater ended also. It seems the installation is OK.
Updating through the "Check For Updates" button in TCMD worked fine, but I've also noticed that all my EVERYTHING option settings are being lost. I have a backup copy of my EVERYTHING.INI file, but with both TC v20.0.11 and v20.0.12, I've had to restore from that backup copy to get my EVERYTHING settings back again.
Updating went as usual, but this is the first time the Take Command v20.0 icon on my desktop wasn't replaced, but a new icon for Take Command v20.0 was added.

And, of course, my Everything (running as a service) was terminated again <sigh>.

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