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Documentation Installer

I find it irritating, even if in a public beta, that the installer still tells me its installing version 13 instead of the actual version 14.
Here I don't see any reference to version 13 when I perform a full installation of a new build on top of the previously installed build. I do NOT use "option /u" so I would not need to download the whole installer separately for each system.
Remember I am from Germany :-)

On the first page the installer says: "Willkommen zum Setup Assistenten von Take Command 13..."
Then there's "Ändern der Installation von Take Command 13...

Just search for 13 :-)

Klaus Meinhard
I've seen this "13" phenomenom on my german windows, too.
In French, the v14.0.21 installer window title says "Installation de Take Command 13.0", the text header is "Bienvenue dans l'Assistant de Configuration de Take Command 13.0", and the text starts with "L'Assistane de Configurationva installer Take Command 13.0 sur votre ordinateur."

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