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Since the "option /u question" thread was locked before I could reply, here's a new thread.

Please get an installer that [...]
... remembers where it's installed when updating to new versions.
It always has -- click on the combo box.

No, it hasn't.

This is an upgrade install to 14.0.27. I clicked the combo box and it only shows where it wants to install the software (C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD14), not where the software was previously installed (C:\MyProgramFiles\JPSoft\TCMD14).


And if I click the browse button, it puts me into the "Program Files" folder, not the "MyProgramFiles" folder.

Interesting. If I do the major upgrade, then I have to re-input my desired location (c:\tcmd). However, for incremental upgrades, it's never the default on mine, but does show up in the dropdown. I wonder what's going on....

Yeah, I noticed that too while messing with build 27. My previous install dir was not showing up in the drop-down box as it used to.
Build 27, when I downloaded its installer and ran it, offered only the default location in the drop-down box. Previous builds offered the actual V14 installation directory.

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