How to? Installing TCMD for a single language

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Whereas normally only one set of language DLLs is loaded, for those of us not interested in the ability to change languages it would be a slightly smaller disk footprint to install only the one language that is of interest. Is that feasible?
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
I added the following to my TCSTART.BTM
if exist %@path[%comspec]French.dll del %@path[%comspec]French.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]FrenchD.dll del %@path[%comspec]FrenchD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]German.dll del %@path[%comspec]German.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]GermanD.dll del %@path[%comspec]GermanD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Italian.dll del %@path[%comspec]Italian.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]ItalianD.dll del %@path[%comspec]ItalianD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Russian.dll del %@path[%comspec]Russian.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]RussianD.dll del %@path[%comspec]RussianD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Spanish.dll del %@path[%comspec]Spanish.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]SpanishD.dll del %@path[%comspec]SpanishD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VESP.dll del %@path[%comspec]VESP.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VFRA.dll del %@path[%comspec]VFRA.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VITA.dll del %@path[%comspec]VITA.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VRUS.dll del %@path[%comspec]VRUS.dll
I do not hurt for disk space, my question was more about directory clutter. I would think that one could add a page to the installer in which you checkmark each language which you want installed. Such a page should not be objectionable to any user, and alllow installing just the desired languages. But it is by no means a major issue,barely even a minor issue. What's there now is totally acceptable.

BTW John, your scheme could be made much shorter:
set x=%@quote[%path[%comspec]]
for %l in (french german spanish ...) if isfile %x\%l* del %x\%l*
Since the operation is performed in TCSTART.BTM, one can easily take advantage of the pairing of xxxd.dll and xxx.dll for the language DLL's (model below - use the file exclusion range for languages to be retained):

for /[!EnglishD.dll] %d in (*D.dll) ( set x=%@replace[D.dll,.dll,%d] %+ if NOT %x EQC %d if isfile %x del %x;%d )

This does not account for the language DLL's associated with VIEW.

A recommendation for future versions: provide names for language DLL's that are easily identifiable, e.g. xxx.lang.dll.

Res, would it be possible to have a descriptions of what each file is for, e.g., a DESCRIPT.ION file ?