How to? Installing TCMD for a single language

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Whereas normally only one set of language DLLs is loaded, for those of us not interested in the ability to change languages it would be a slightly smaller disk footprint to install only the one language that is of interest. Is that feasible?
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
I added the following to my TCSTART.BTM
if exist %@path[%comspec]French.dll del %@path[%comspec]French.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]FrenchD.dll del %@path[%comspec]FrenchD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]German.dll del %@path[%comspec]German.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]GermanD.dll del %@path[%comspec]GermanD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Italian.dll del %@path[%comspec]Italian.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]ItalianD.dll del %@path[%comspec]ItalianD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Russian.dll del %@path[%comspec]Russian.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]RussianD.dll del %@path[%comspec]RussianD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]Spanish.dll del %@path[%comspec]Spanish.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]SpanishD.dll del %@path[%comspec]SpanishD.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VESP.dll del %@path[%comspec]VESP.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VFRA.dll del %@path[%comspec]VFRA.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VITA.dll del %@path[%comspec]VITA.dll
if exist %@path[%comspec]VRUS.dll del %@path[%comspec]VRUS.dll
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
I do not hurt for disk space, my question was more about directory clutter. I would think that one could add a page to the installer in which you checkmark each language which you want installed. Such a page should not be objectionable to any user, and alllow installing just the desired languages. But it is by no means a major issue,barely even a minor issue. What's there now is totally acceptable.

BTW John, your scheme could be made much shorter:
set x=%@quote[%path[%comspec]]
for %l in (french german spanish ...) if isfile %x\%l* del %x\%l*
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Since the operation is performed in TCSTART.BTM, one can easily take advantage of the pairing of xxxd.dll and xxx.dll for the language DLL's (model below - use the file exclusion range for languages to be retained):

for /[!EnglishD.dll] %d in (*D.dll) ( set x=%@replace[D.dll,.dll,%d] %+ if NOT %x EQC %d if isfile %x del %x;%d )

This does not account for the language DLL's associated with VIEW.

A recommendation for future versions: provide names for language DLL's that are easily identifiable, e.g. xxx.lang.dll.

Res, would it be possible to have a descriptions of what each file is for, e.g., a DESCRIPT.ION file ?
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