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Installing TCMD16 on 32 bit XP

Trying to install on my work machine. Almost completes installation then ends with something like "Insufficient privilege to install for all users. Log in as administrator and try again."

Haven't had this problem with previous versions (15 and below). How do I tell the installer to install just for current user?
I had no trouble on XP32 with TCMD16. I had a glitch in that normally spaces are OK in the .ini directives (for legibility), but they are not acceptable in the sections describing tabs ([Tab1] etc.). I just created a brand new account, and TCC16 is fully functional.
I thought XP support was dropped with v16.

XP support was officially dropped with v16. I didn't do anything deliberately to break XP, but I'm not going to test it, and I no longer care if it doesn't work. The next major update will definitely deliberately break XP.

That said, several users have said that v16 works with XP -- but I don't care. ;)
So I pulled all the files out of the idiot installer (kept trying to write to the All Users folder to which it doesn't have access) and copied them into the folder where I wanted the installation to be. Works fine now. Thanks for not caring.
You should be happy that he did not turn off support for XP during the compile, which would be easier than listening to users complain.
I guess not many medical facilities are customers, because here in the Baltimore area I have yet to see one which is not XP-based. I guess they, too, learned what I was taught in my freshman year in engineering half a century ago - what you own is obsolete only if replacing is cheaper than retaining. Stability is king!
Well, certainly there are problems, but for applications written several years ago that have been thoroughly tested and do not tax resources it is more stable than its immediate successor.
JohnQSmith, thanks for the tip regarding installing without privilege to write to All Users. That may prove very useful some day ("in a rather bizarre set of circumstances," as Tom Lehrer said).

Rex, thanks once again for not intentionally breaking the ability to use TC and TCC in WinXP. I'm not being facetious. I mean it: thank you.
Rex, thanks once again for not intentionally breaking the ability to use TC and TCC in WinXP. I'm not being facetious. I mean it: thank you.
I also would like to express my thanks. Although I may have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it installed, it still works on the computer where I use it most and I have no control over when our IT group will finally upgrade it.
Why not just have an option during the install to ask where the shortcuts should be placed - for the current user only or all users? installers of CCleaner do it.....

just have it default to All Users and have an Advanced button to optionally select where the shortcuts should go.
I wish the option not to install shortcuts in any of the default locations actually worked, I do not want the feeble-minded defaults anyway, but despite always deselecting the "where to install shortcuts" at least one sneaks in. The latest I observed was both the 32b and the 64b installers for v15 and v16. According to Rex it is a long-standing installer issue. I guess Microsoft just does not trust that customers are smart enough to make their own.

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