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Insufficient System Resources

I have been getting a lot of situations in which a TCC task in TCMD is failing with an error message box reporting "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service." In case it makes any difference, this is with version 25 (version 27 got corrupted, so I dropped back to 25 until I can get the problems with 27 resolved).

I don't recall getting that message before, but I am doing something unusual. I have been starting additional TCC tabs in TCMD and then running a computation intensive task. I then detach the tab and repeat this for many more TCC jobs. Sometimes I create the TCC tab, detach it and then start the program running. (The tasks are a Pascal program that is solving a number puzzle, and they run for minutes, days, or even weeks. I can have as many as 20 running concurrently, pushing my CPU usage to above 70%.)

The "insufficient resources" crash often occurs when I create a new TCC task in the morning after the jobs have been running all night. I can solve the problem by closing all the tabs in TCMD and then relaunching it. Things are fine then for quite some time.

Are all those detached TCC tasks still impacting TCMD? If so, would it help to launch TCC from its own icon rather than from TCMD?
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