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Declined Interact with Win 10 ver 1809 Clipboard history

Win 10 ver 1809 introduced a Clipboard History feature:

PC Settings > System > Clipboard > Save multiple items

How-To Geek: Using Windows 10's New Clipboard: History and Cloud Sync

I don't see that TCC/TCMD users would find TCC access to cloud sync particularly useful, but being able to paste and retrieve multiple items locally probably would be useful.

The current code also probably should be checked for unintended interactions such as TCC writing to the clipboard, some other program writing, and then TCC retrieving.

Because Windows will independent of TCC store other things the user saves to the Clipboard, I'm also going to do a separate suggestion of a TCC-instance-specific clipboard.

(Sorry about the red--I was trying to get just a different legible color and it's very difficult to get the colors set. You can't just hilite text and pick a color.)
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