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Intrusion attempts?

I don't know if anyone else is having issues with this, but periodically when attempting to access the forums on jpsoft.com, I'll get a message from Norton Security saying that an intrusion attempt was made by the website and saying that it matches the signature of a known attack. The name of the threat has varied, but the most recent one shows it as "Web Attack: Neutrino Exploit Kit Redirect 2" and then access to the webpage is blocked. If I try to access the forums again, it will usually work the second time. This seems to happen randomly. I have been having some issues with my computer recently, so I'm wondering whether anyone else is experiencing this, or if it's just something weird that's randomly happening on my end.
I check the forum once a day or at the least every other day. I have two kinds of malware detectors, one for the machine overall and one to monitor browsers. No reports of attacks so far.