Invalid parameter 12.0.34 x64

May 20, 2008
I'm running Winows 7 x64 and these are the 2 shortcuts for 32-bit and x64 of Take Command:

32-Bit -> D:\JPSoft\version12\tcmd.exe /@D:\JPSoft\config\JP120VistaHDX.ini

x64 -> D:\JPSoft\version12x64\tcmd.exe /@D:\JPSoft\config\JP120VistaHDX64.ini

Both .ini files exist, 32-bit TCMD starts correctly, but x64 TCMD, gives me a dialog box saying "The parameter is incorrect /@D:\JPSoft\config\JP120VistaHDX64.ini", and after pressing Ok it starts with no .ini file loaded

this setup used to work in 12.0.32

- Federico


Staff member
May 14, 2008
> Both .ini files exist, 32-bit TCMD starts correctly, but x64 TCMD, gives
me a

> dialog box saying "The parameter is incorrect
> /@D:\JPSoft\config\JP120VistaHDX64.ini", and after pressing Ok it starts

> no .ini file loaded
> this setup used to work in 12.0.32

Not reproducible here, and nothing has changed in that code in 34 vs. 32.
(It's also exactly the same code in 32-bit & 64-bit.)

Anybody else able to reproduce this?

Rex Conn
JP Software
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