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Is bash-like filename completion possible?

Is there any way to configure tab filename completion to behave like bash where the "unique" prefix of mtching files is completed automatically, then a subsequent tab press lists the files that would complete that prefix?

I have to switch between Windows and Linux and it would help me quite a bit if I can get this behavior to be similar across both.
Some people just never have seen live filtered lists. (Plus slow TTY links have their own limitations, but that's mostly ancient history.)
Why not just use the F7 tab completion window?
Is it possible that (in a future version) the search box in the F7 tab completion window be populated with the partial filename that was on the command line? That way the user could just continue typing the file name (instead of reaching for the mouse, pressing <Down> (maybe several times), or retyping the file name from the beginning. That might be what some (not I) like about bash's way ... except for the tabs, you continue typing the file name.

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