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Is restartable TCMD download possible?

I am faced with more than 5 failing attempts for each successful attempt downloading each new build. Worst is that judging by the download duration and the TCC command COPY's running transfer rate the whole installer file is actually downloaded but leaves behind a smaller than 3,000 byte file. There are programs available for FTP that can resume without repeated downloading. Is there a method for HTTP?
HTTP supports ranges, which allow resuming, as well as intelligent downloading of multiple parts at once. But COPY doesn't, as far as I know. WGET or CURL can do it, typically with some combination of switches to both replace new files based on date (so you don't resume a new version over an old version, if the file may potentially get updated/replaced) and a switch to force resuming.
What are WGET and CURL? Can they somehow be integrated with TCC features that can automatically specify unique target names?

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