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Is TCC help available in PDF format?

In order to more efficiently read through TCC's help file on my portable devices and in print, I attempted to convert tcmd.chm to a PDF file, both by printing it to a PDF printer, as well as by using a number of CHM-to-PDF converters. Oddly, all of these methods resulted in corrupted or otherwise unreadable documents, even though these methods work with other CHM files. Similarly, when loading up tcmd.chm in iphone chm readers, only the top few lines are displayed of each page, with no option to scroll (I've tried both chmate and chm+, two commercial chm apps).
I'm not sure what is causing the problem - there seems to be something about tcmd.chm that is more complex than other chm files - but I figured I would inquire to see whether you would be willing to provide a PDF version of the Take Command help file, which would be a quick and elegant solution and obviate the need for the chm conversion.

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