is the search-function in VIEW working?

Aug 2, 2011
Berlin, Germany

can please someone verify if the search function in VIEW is working?

e.g. my files contain lines with the string "NACK"

>findstr /i nack dhcp_Thu.log
15 10/28/10 07:17:09 NACK 001E33E186AF,
15 10/28/10 07:17:09 NACK 001E33E186AF,
15 10/28/10 07:17:09 NACK 001E33E186AF,
15 10/28/10 10:38:12 NACK B482FEECCF32,
15 10/28/10 10:38:12 NACK B482FEECCF32,

but "view /s:nack dhcp_Thu.log" positions on the beginning of the file, not on the first hit.

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