Is there an easy way to copy a file if it contains a text string

Oct 11, 2013
In ANT it's easy to do that and it's the one function over the years that I've really wished Take Command had.
Do you mean something like this?

ffind /t"text string" file > nul
if %_? == 0 copy file ...

On one line

if %@exec[ffind /t"text string" file > nul] == 0 copy file ...
Yeah, that should work if I put it in a For loop so I can copy all the files in a directory that contain the text string. Thanks! :) I'll give it a try and let you know.
If the goal is to copy a bunch of files then an easier solution would be be to use the file names that ffind spits out.
do f in /p ffind /b /c /t"text string" * (copy %f ...)
You can create an alias for that or a function.
alias tcopy=`do f in /p ffind /b /c /t%1 %2 (copy %f %3)`
tcopy "test string" * dest_folder
Thanks guys! Excellent advice! I just used the do f etc to find and copy all the PDFs created by a particular user to find the one he said had an incorrect format. It was a lot easier to open up 11 PDFs rather than several hundred. Of course I could have just used the windows explorer search function for that, but next I plan on using it in a script to automatically find logs with certain errors in our printing software.