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Is WSL runnable in TCC (v22+) ?

In TCC v23 I'm getting

The file cannot be accessed by the system.ccessed by the system.

In v22 I'm getting

TCC: (Sys) The file cannot be accessed by the system.

I'm unsure if this is a problem on my side or just that TCC doesn't work with WSL.

EDIT: Apparently it just doesn't work for "kali.exe". If I run the command wsl it works.
I assume you're talking about Windows Subsytem for Linux.

A few weeks ago for test purposes I ran a wsl command from TCC 18 and it worked. See the Suggestions thread about adding to TCMD a tie-in to WSL.

If the kali.exe command works when preceded by wsl{space}, then kali is actually a Linux executable. It should run directly from bash without the wsl prefix or from a CMD or TCC command line with the prefix.

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