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January Plugins

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
I've only updated two plugins in the past month:

SafeChars plugin 1.6.2
Adds a new command to massage array elements en masse; a new function to substitute 'dangerous' characters for remapped ones; and four new functions to return the number of dangerous or remapped characters in a string or a variable.

UIStuff plugin 0.52.0
Numerous changes: WALLPAPER now accepts .PNG and .GIF files, and can choose a style based on the image size and primary monitor resolution; new command and variables to change and return screensaver settings; new commands to pin and unpin shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar and Start menu.
Charles, it would be appreciated if in the future you included the latest catalog of your plug-ins in your announcement. Of course, the same goes for all plug-in authors...
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