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JP Software is bribing its customers!


Staff member
JP Software will be rolling out its completely redesigned web site later this month.

I'm looking for some testimonials for the new site, and I'm willing to shamelessly pander to you to get them. Send me a brief (1-3 sentence) testimonial about why you love Take Command (preferably, though not required, with your company name). If your testimonial is selected for the web site, you will receive a sincere "thank you" and a limited, collector's edition JP Software coffee mug, with the new (never seen before) JP Software logo and the new (never seen before) Take Command icon. Only 15 of these beautiful and versatile (capable of holding either coffee or cocoa!) mugs will be made.

Do you really want to live your remaining days filled with regret that you didn't act on this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Email your comments directly to me at [email protected] so we don't clutter up the forum.


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